All the Ways Team Well+Good Plans to Step up Its Style Game in 2019

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Traditionally, this time of year, I find myself shopping for things for the coming months. Some are summer staples at steep discounts, while others are impulse buys that I'll literally never put on my body. (It's the reason I have six unworn sarongs.) But this year, in an effort to keep my preferred form of organized chaos from devolving into pure chaos, I've decided to create some tangible goals for myself and my personal style in 2019.

With the internet as my witness, this year I will focus on reworking the classic pieces I have in my wardrobe, avoid compulsively buying loud prints that I (subconsciously) know I'll never wear, and continue to focus on consuming vintage and secondhand clothing in an effort to be more sustainable.

And because I felt like I'd be more likely to keep my sartorial resolutions if I enlisted others to do the same, I've turned it into a team-building exercise of sorts by asking other members of Well+Good to share the style tips they plan to embrace in 2019 below.

Making the shift to sustainable fashion

"I've always gravitated toward secondhand shopping as a means of keeping my style more personal—the fact that it's also better for the environment being a bonus. This year, though, I'm making sustainable fashion more front of mind by continuing to hunt for vintage gems, but also seeking out new, socially responsible designers, and taking advantage of platforms like Rent the Runway that allow you to borrow items instead of buying." —Jordan Galloway, senior style editor

Exercising mindfulness even during blowout sales

"I’m following my own version of the 'sleep on it' rule. I just donated a pretty large chunk of my closet that wasn’t 'sparking joy,' as the great Marie Kondo says. When I looked at the pile of items I was letting go, it was mostly things I had bought on a whim, things that didn't really feel like me, and I bought at the spur of the moment or because the 'sale' was too good to be true. So this year, if I want something, I’m making myself wait a responsible amount of time before I head to check-out. The plan is to save money and my newly cleansed closet space in the process." —Ella Dove, video producer

Thinking about the big picture

"This year I'm going to stop buying clothing that I'm not absolutely in love with. Oftentimes I'll buy something thinking I like it, only to literally never wear it. So I want to be more careful about shopping and making sure I can wear the piece with my wardrobe and that its something flattering I'll truly wear." —Rachel Lapidos, associate beauty editor

Investing in staple pieces

"I'm going to try to stop buying such 'on trend' pieces that I'll wear one season and then never again and invest more in staple pieces. Also, I want to wear more color!" —Celine Cortes, audience development associate

Picking confidence-boosting pieces

"This is a little basic but I'm going to try and wear more fashionable footwear. I basically live in my sneakers or slides, and whenever I wear heels or boots (even if there are leggings underneath them) I feel a tiny bit more confident!" —Hannah Weintraub, social media manager

If the KonMari method isn't your thing, you can still spark joy just by watching Marie Kondo's new Netflix show.

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