Noise Canceling Headphones Are the Solution for Basically Everything

Photo: Stocksy/Chelsea Victoria
More often than not I come home to be bombarded by the noise of endless ongoing construction outside my apartment. Even once they've called it a day, there's so much other noise at any given moment (thanks, noise pollution!). It's these experiences in the city that (unfortunately) never sleeps that has lead to me the opinion that noise canceling headphones are among the greatest achievements of the modern world.

Beyond my potentially specific situation, a good pair of noise-canceling headphones is pretty versatile for any and all situations. Having trouble focusing at work? Put those suckers on. Need to get in a quick medication during a particularly stressful commute to work? Slide your headphones on. Surrounded by screaming children on a 15-hour flight? That's right, headphones!

The pairs of I've curated before can bring you silence in an extremely loud world, but they also of course—work with audio. Whether you need to blast Beyonce to get through your morning run or need a guided meditation to recenter, these noise canceling headphones will do the trick.

Check out these 7 great noise canceling headphones below.

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