The Most Supportive Bathing Suits for Every Cup Size, According to a Boob Pro

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At Well+Good, we're big believers that every body is a bikini body. So whether your summer plans consist of socially distanced trips to the beach or simply soaking in a few rays on your fire escape, everyone deserves to find a suit that they feel great in. As such, we tapped a pro to help us pick the best-of-the-best supportive bikini tops to wear wherever your summer takes you.

If you're an A cup, an E cup, or somewhere in between, finding supportive a bikini top is just as important as finding the right bra. "It frees you to be as active, as you like—you can run, jump and swim to your heart's content without worrying about breast discomfort," says Frederika Zappe, the national fit director at Freya Swimwear. Scroll through for some shopping tips for supportive bikini tops in every cup size, but remember: the best bathing suit for your body is the one you feel good in. Happy sunbathing (and be sure to wear SPF).

Experts In This Article

If you've got an A or a B cup

Since an A cup doesn't require quite as much support as larger sizes, there are a lot of options in this range. "The things to think about at this size range are comfort, modesty, and if you want a little boost," says Jessica Pfister, vice president of Le Mystere. She suggests going for a bandeau, triangle, or racerback style. For something that will add a little boost to your A-to-B-cup boobs, Pfitzer recommends an underwired style with a lightly padded cup. If you want a little extra coverage, opt for something stretchy with a double layer of fabric that will lend some additional support.

If you've got a C or D cup

When looking for a swimsuit that's best for C or D cup boobs, you'll want to consider what type of breast tissue you have and what you want your girls to look like in a bathing suit. "If you want a forward, round-projected look, I would opt for an underwired style for maximum support and shaping," says Pfister. "If you don't want to have the girls on full display, I recommend a wireless bathing suit that has a wider bottom band, which will help provide support and anchor the suit to your body."

If you've got a DD cup and beyond

"If you are a D cup or above, I  highly recommend a style with underwire for optimal shape and support," says Pfister. "Look for a bathing suit with foam cups like a bra, or double-ply fabric seams. Both options will provide excellent shaping and support. Also, look for wider, adjustable straps that won’t dig into your shoulders and can be adjusted as well as a strong plastic or metal back closure." Some suits in this size range also come with side boning, which offers an added layer of support that can be helpful for G cups and beyond.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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