How to Make a Dreamy, Good-for-You Ocean Bowl in 3 Easy Steps

Move your cereal to the back of the pantry—it's officially smoothie bowl season. And the most Instagrammable recipe of summer comes courtesy of Brooklyn high-vibe cafe The End. (It's not really a surprise, considering they sparked both the unicorn and mermaid healthy drink trends.) Starting today, their latest menu item, the Ocean Bowl, is officially available—and Well+Good scored the very first look.

The best part of their seaside-inspired recipe? It literally contains healing benefits from the ocean. "We have to keep our merbabes out there running strong!" says co-owner Madeleine Murphy. Coconut yogurt serves as the base, which Murphy says gives the bowl a light and fluffy consistency. "It literally reminds me of ocean foam," she says, adding that it also helps mask the fishy taste of two of the bowl's other main ingredients, spirulina and kelp flakes. (Great for your thyroid, not so great for your nose.)

"We have to keep our merbabes out there running strong!"

Then, the wildcard ingredient: butterfly pea powder. "We've been playing with it a lot lately," Murphy says. Often used in Southeast Asian dishes, she says her sister discovered the ingredient while traveling through Thailand and Bali. (Google search warning: It's also called clitoria flower tea.) It changes colors from varying shades of blue to purple and has been linked to being an antidepressant and increasing the collagen and elasticity in cells, preventing premature aging.

Topping off this nutritious breakfast is blueberries and granola—The End uses one that's ground up pretty fine, which looks like beachy sand.

Ready to get its healing ocean effects—even if you're totally landlocked? Scroll down for the recipe and to watch a video of how to make it.


The End's Ocean Bowl

1 cup coconut yogurt
1 1/2 cups blueberry
1/2 cup Paleo granola
1 tsp butterfly pea flower powder
1/2 tsp e3 Live blue majik
1/2 tsp spirulina
1/8 cup golden flax crumble
1/2 tsp kelp flakes
1/4 tsp sprinkles (optional)

1. Scoop coconut yogurt into bowl. Swirl butterfly pea flower powder, e3 live blue majik powder, and spirulina in.

2. Top with blueberries and Paleo granola.

3. Sprinkle golden flax crumble, kelp flakes and sprinkles. Serve immediately!

The End, 522 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11211, (347) 987-3954,

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