Your Vagina Has 5 Pleasure Zones, and the G-Spot Is Just 1 of Them

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I've always known about the G-spot, and I learned about the A-spot (or the anterior fornix) a while back, but when I recently learned that there are three more erogenous hot spots centralized to the vagina, totaling at five pleasure zones, my mind was fully and officially blown. Where are they located? How do we stimulate them? Where did they come from? And why am I just now learning about them?

Well, the five pleasure zones aren't new, but the nomenclature and mapping are. Scientists have dedicated years to studying and growing to understand arousal and the female genitalia, including the “spots” they “discovered.” This is inclusive of the work of sexologist and sex and relationship coach Cari Oneal, PhD, who used her data-mapping skills from a past career as a mechanical engineer to chart pleasure zones of the vaginal canal so her clients and students could use it as a tool.

“Physical arousal, sex, and associated pleasures can be very technical. If you want to understand them, you must be able to break them down.” —sexologist Cari Oneal, PhD

“The idea is if you know where each ‘hot spot’ is and can achieve an orgasm [or pleasure] by stimulation of that spot alone, then any combination or permutation of arousal spots become available to you,” she says. “Physical arousal, sex, and associated pleasures can be very technical. If you want to understand them, you must be able to break them down.” To that end, let’s explore each of these five pleasure zones.

Get acquainted with the 5 pleasure zones of the vaginal canal.

1. Vaginal entry

Dr. Oneal eloquently calls this “using the front door.” Play around with entering and exiting the first inch or so inside the vaginal canal with fingers or toys.

2. G-spot

The all-mighty G-spot is located two-to-three inches deep on the front wall of the vagina, near 12 o’clock, if you imagine the surface being a clock's face. “Once you’ve found it, you’ll never debate it again,” she says.

3. Deep spot upper

According to Dr. Oneal, the DSU (for short) is a favorite for its anecdotal powers in the realm of female ejaculation. How do you get there? Penetrate deeply, until you "bottom out" at the cervical cap, then back out about a half-inch. She’s found that “stimulating the upper wall is generally met with a lot of smiling by the receiver of the stimulation.”

4. Cervix

Dr. Oneal says cervical stimulation isn't everyone's favorite pleasure zone, but that for some, it's unquestionably the best. To access it, penetrate deep into the vaginal canal until you can’t go any farther. At that point, you'll know you’ve found the cervix.

5. Deep spot lower

The DSL (not to be confused any, ahem, other meanings of DSL you may be aware of) can be reached by penetrating to the cervix then pulling back by about a half-inch. This spot can be found vaginally or anally.

And, as a bonus, Dr. Oneal says that in opening up the list to include the vulva, the clitoris can certainly be considered as a sixth hot spot. It boasts thousands of nerve endings for the sole purpose of sexual arousal and pleasure, so she recommends playing here for even more pleasure.

While all of Dr. Oneal's intel is certainly experiment-worthy, she's quick to note that all of it is highly personalized. Furthermore, there’s no single way to stimulate each pleasure zone, so she recommends exploring until you find what you like. Some ideas to toy with? Pressure, speed, direction of stimulation (side-to-side, circular, clockwise, counterclockwise), temperature, etc. In other words? Experiment, experiment, experiment. So, with that, go play with each pleasure zone to find what feels best—and, really, the possibilities are endless.

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