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Miranda July_handbag_almond compartment

Artist, writer, and filmmaker Miranda July thinks you should carry an almond in your purse…yes, just one.

July created a handbag collection with WelcomeCompanions, which launched at Opening Ceremony last week in Los Angeles, according to T Magazine. And despite traditional bags, which have smartphone pockets and compartments for your lip balm, July’s has an almond-shaped pocket for an “emergency” stash of one nut and a special holder for a bottle of Calms Forte homeopathic sleep aid (which also looks like it could conveniently store a Juice Press ginger shot or a S.W. Basics toner, just saying).

Miranda July_handbag

The cheeky how-to-use graphic by July (at right) also describes other contents of the bright red (or black) cross-body bag like four bobby pins (inspired by an ex-boyfriend who sent her an envelope containing every single one of the bobby pins she had left behind) and a special hidden pocket to stash $20. It’s as much a piece of art as it is a Swiss Army knife of designer handbags.

You can buy the bag sans contents—or with. But at $1,500 you could also choose to buy a ton of almonds—or find a bag that can hold a lot more than one… —Molly Gallagher

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