Why This Former Gymnast Advocates Working Out for Your Mind, Not Your Body

We want to recognize the fitness instructors who don’t just look great on Instagram—but actually inspire us to be better. So together with ReebokONE, we asked you to nominate trainers for the second annual America’s Most Inspiring Trainer search. After over a thousand amazing stories, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 finalists—which means it’s time for you to choose a winner! Learn more about Jessica Glazer below, and cast your vote by November 26.

Jessica Glazer, New York, New York

Personal trainer, group fitness instructor at New York Sports Club Flagship Elite, and founder of FITtrips

Her personal mantra

In order to be our best self, we need to be our strongest, healthiest, and happiest self (physically, mentally, and emotionally).

Her favorite post-workout smoothie

Plant-based superfood plus greens, adaptogens, powdered peanut butter, and coconut oil.

What inspired you to become a trainer?

Growing up a competitive gymnast, I spent over 20 hours per week in the gym training and being coached. Coaching gymnastics in my teens was when I realized I was a great teacher and helping others was “filling my cup” and fueling me.

What's your fitness philosophy?

Work out for the ideal mind, not for the ideal body. All transformations begin with mindset, and when it comes to fitness, body image, and reaching physical goals, the most important thing is learning to love ourselves.

"Work out for the ideal mind, not for the ideal body."

Once you’ve shifted your focus and attention to how you feel, what your body can do, and how you treat yourself, then the magic starts to happen.

What's your favorite success story as a personal trainer?

In 2016, my mom received a kidney transplant and began her very long road to recovery. Being with her day in and out, I was there to help her regain her strength, balance, stamina, and confidence. Together, we got her sitting up, walking without assistance, climbing stairs, lifting weights, and eventually back to her regular fitness classes. Nothing has been more rewarding then seeing my mom healthier, stronger, and more grateful to be alive!

The winner of America’s Most Inspiring Trainer will score a one-year contract with Reebok and major coverage on Well+Good. Cast your vote now!

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Photo: Reginald VanNurden for RALLY & Co.

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