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Who says you have to give up your childhood favorite foods when you get your driver’s license? With grown-up versions of mac-and-cheese, Doritos, and raw cookie dough, you can get your kids’ menu fix with an upgrade in nutritional value. And now, this dairy-free kombucha float recipe created by The Natural Nurturer blogger Taesha Butler will transport you back to the summer seaside vacation of your memories (water fights and airbrush tattoos not included).

Butler gets inventive in the kitchen pretty regularly, but it took a trip to the bar to inspire this concoction. (Granted, it was a kombucha bar near her home in Southern California….) “My husband and I are regulars, and one of the employees told us he had a kombucha float in South America last summer. I was completely dazzled by the much-healthier twist on a traditional soda version,” remembers Butler. “So, I grabbed some coconut milk ice cream on the way home and tried it out. It was so easy and delicious.”

The best part? The two-ingredient recipe actually boosts gut health. (Bye, bloating!) Butler encourages you to get creative and try different kombucha and vegan ice-cream flavors, finding a combo that hits your personal sweet spot. Her go-to is vanilla coconut nice cream (AKA vegan ice cream) with blueberry kombucha. “The creaminess combined with the sweet tang of the blueberries just tastes like summer to me,” she says.

Want to try it for yourself? Watch the video above and keep reading for the recipe.

Get Started
kmbucha float close-up
Photo: Taesha Butler

Kombucha Nice-Cream Float

1 1/4 cups of kombucha (pick the flavor you like best)
1 large scoop (about 1/2 a cup) of vanilla coconut milk ice cream

1. Pour the kombucha into a tall glass. Mason jars with wide mouths are especially good at minimizing mess.

2. Float the coconut milk ice cream on top of the kombucha. Enjoy!

While you have that kombucha popped, use it to make one of these gut-healthy cocktails. And if you’re feeling super ambitious, here’s how to make your own vegan ice cream.