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When you realize you’ve eaten as many sugar cookies as there are Hallmark holiday movies (read: too many too count), it’s time to rethink the ingredients in your go-to desserts.

That’s where MaraNatha’s raw almond butters come in. Your favorite toast spread is actually—yas!—a miracle ingredient in dessert recipes, too.

The creamy nut butters pack a major flavor punch in every scoop, thanks to the base of high-quality California almonds found in every jar. Swap in a couple of scoops for a wholesome, filling addition to your tried-and-true recipes for a savory-sweet craving fix.

To help you get started, we tapped food coach Arielle Haspel to dream up two dessert recipes with ultra creamy MaraNatha. The result? Almond butter bark and pumpkin fudge brownies—AKA, serious holiday baking #goals.

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Photo: Stocksy/Cameron Whitman