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Weekdays are made for meal prepping and healthy desk snacks (you’re a rockstar). But on the weekend, when your routine is less 6 a.m. yoga class and more six additional episodes on Hulu, it’s so much easier to hit the delivery button.

We feel you. That’s why we teamed up with siggi’s, the ridiculously delicious Icelandic-style yogurt made with simple ingredients and not much sugar, to bring you the ultimate guide to low(er) sugar weekends.

Your guru? Ashley Marti—the genius behind gorgeous, whole-foods-focused Instagram account @LocalHaven—who will be sharing easy, healthy, delish recipes that pair well with all your winter weekend activities (ie. cozy couch time) all month long.

For now, we snagged Marti’s grocery list and made it easy to download, so you can stock up on must-haves (hello, vanilla siggi’s!) before the recipes are revealed. Weekend plans, done.

In partnership with siggi’s

Photo: Stocksy