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Beauty Heroes holiday shopping discount Pin It

You’ve long given up your drug-store beauty hauls in favor of investing in more natural skin-care essentials. But during the holiday shopping frenzy, how do you apply the same mindset?

Beauty Heroes has a solution: Mindfully curated discoveries of clean-beauty gems that will show your loved ones you care about them—and the environment.

With the “Use Less, Love More” initiative, Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot is challenging skin-care lovers to take conscious gifting one step further. The mission? Going beyond responsible ingredients and recyclable packaging, and reducing consumption overall with more meaningful purchases.

Because when you actually love your go-tos, you don’t need to clutter up your life (and your medicine cabinet).

Watch this inspiring video (featuring a cameo from Well+Good senior editor Jordan Galloway!) to get all the intel, and shop the holiday beauty store with code SHOPWELL through Monday, November 27 for a 15 percent off savings. Holiday shopping: Done.

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