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Why you need to know about Nordic skin-care ingredients

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Ever wonder how the Nordic women you encounter (ahem, when falling down random Instagram holes) always look so fresh—despite living in, you know, the arctic? (And that’s to say nothing about your own dry-skin problems.)

Turns out, the secret is all due some little-known Nordic plants. And lucky for you, skin-care brand Lumene has figured out how to bottle all their benefits.

Think: Luxe elixirs crafted from cloudberry and ultra-pure arctic spring water. Cloudberries have adapted to the harsh arctic environment by absorbing loads of nutrients during the short burst of summer, which means they pack twice as much vitamin C as an orange.

The result is Lumene’s Valo line, which transfers all the goodness of these naturally sourced ingredients to your skin, with moisturizing and brightening vitamins C and E.

Need more incentive to go full Nordic with your skin-care routine? Lumene is offering 20 percent off with the code LUMENE20 on through 8/31. Dull skin, meet your match.

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Top photo: Lumene