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Close your eyes and picture your happy place. Chances are, you’re imagining something a little less covered in dirty slush (shout out, winter in New York City!) and a little more surrounded in palm fronds, with a side of cold-pressed juice and a beach-side yoga sesh.

That’s exactly what vinyasa flow teacher Pat Bailey pictures too. The only difference? The published poet, longtime travel junkie, founder of marketing company The Hell Yes Agency, and star Instagrammer (phew!) manifests it on the reg.

Fresh off a yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico, the expert wanderer shared her advice for seeking out your best self and finding a place to recharge and reconnect.

“Every adventure teaches me something new about myself and the world,” Bailey says. “The adventure is a gift in itself, but the real gifts are the lessons I learn along the way. A lot of the traveling I do, I do solo—there is nothing more empowering.”

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For Bailey, taking time to reconnect with yourself on the road is key. “Recharging happens best when we do some connecting to ourselves, too,” she explains. “Sometimes people feel like they need to recharge because their battery is literally low from giving all of their energy away. Find a way to fill yourself back up by doing things you love, surround yourself with creative and loving people, go on an adventure. Traveling helps me to do both.”

So what does that look like? “Slow down and listen. Sitting still, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, anything that gets you into your body and into your heart,” Bailey recommends. And if all else fails, seek out somewhere warm: “I like warm places with happy people!”

To help you get started, we asked Bailey to share her must-haves for adventuring, starting with her number-one essential: grade-A kicks. “Comfy footwear is the difference between enjoying your trip and having a bummer of a time—it’s that important!” she says. “If I can find a sandal that I never want to take off that feels good and matches everything, I’m in heaven.”

Her go-to? Sanuk, which ups the good-vibes ante with sandals made from real yoga mats. With a variety of laid-back, chic styles—Bailey obsesses over the slip-on-and-go Yoga Mat and the super-cute Yoga Slings—it’s literally like walking around on a supportive yoga mat all day.

Scroll down to see all of Bailey’s packing-list picks for an energy-charging retreat.

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