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The winner of our second annual America’s Most Inspiring Trainer search is here!

reebok america's most inspiring trainer winner Pin It

There’s a new megawatt trainer that needs to be on your radar—and we scoured the entire country with ReebokONE to find him (yep, it’s that big of a deal).

After more than a thousand nominees, 12 amazing finalists, and so. many. votes. (as in more than 23,000), we have a winner for our second annual America’s Most Inspiring Trainer search: Pat Gilles!

And he’s basically a hometown (endorphin-boosting) hero. Why? The sweat expert turned down the opportunity to go pro in not one but three different sports to return to his native Madison, Wisconsin and start a fitness movement. Now, the owner of Pat’s Gym says,  “Being a coach brings out the potential in others and helps them live better lives.” Amen to that.

Learn more about this buzzy fit pro now, and stay tuned for his collab with Reebok (his prize includes a one-year contract with the fitness authority). Ready for all the vibes?

Read more about Gilles here and get ready to get inspired.

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