Your guide to healthy travel, courtesy of The Well+Good Council

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You’ve got your healthy routine down to a science, but taking it on the road can pose some challenges. (What do you mean an entire case of green juice isn’t carry-on approved?)

Lucky for you, we’ve got the Well+Good Council (AKA your own personal health squad) on deck with tips for how to live to the fullest—specifically when on the go.

All week, council members will be dishing insider intel, from Miranda Kerr’s packing hacks to the travel-friendly turmeric-ACV elixir Lily Kunin swears by. Plus, meet the new class of wellness-approved jet-lag cures (hint: Liquid I.V. is about to become your hydration savior).

With all this genius knowledge, you’ll be more than prepared for your next getaway (and the Well+Good Council’s got recs on where to go next, too). Pack your bags!

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