Healthy Summer Hot List

It’s finally summer—which means it’s time to squeeze every drop of in-the-sun fun out of the next three months. To help you do that, we asked warm weather-loving healthy influencers—from celebrity trainers to mindfulness gurus—how they fill their favorite season with wellness and adventure. Start adding their inspiring must-dos to your summer checklist, now.

  1. Make These Superfood-Packed Popsicles

  2. Try This Ballerina-Approved Pool Workout

  3. Make This for Dinner When You Really Don't Feel Like Cooking

  4. Take Advantage of Your Local Farmers' Market

  5. Ooze Confidence With This Easy Beauty Trick

  6. Start Your Morning Dancing to Your Favorite Song

  7. Go on a Beach Run With the Tone It up Duo

  8. Throw a Stress-Free, Super-Memorable Dinner Party

  9. Try This Ab-Tastic Outdoor Core Workout

  10. Whip up Dara Hartman's Super-Hydrating Mango Smoothie

  11. Get Flawless Summer Skin With Desiree Pais' 3-Step Routine

  12. Go Makeup-Free With Simone De La Rue

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  3. Your Happiness Horoscope

  4. The Best Vegan Ice Creams