The Gut Health Habit That Should Be an Important Part of Your Fall Reset

Welcome to the probiotic party.

Now that summer is officially over (we miss you already, frosé!), it’s time to get back into the swing of things—and that goes for everything from your work (and workout) goals to your gut health. 

With that goal in mind, we teamed up with KeVita to throw the ultimate yoga bash: the September Yoga Reset at Sky Ting Yoga, where Well+Good readers twisted into core-strengthening poses and sipped on KeVita’s bubbly probiotic drinks.

KeVita's roster of beverages (Master Brew Kombucha, Sparkling Probiotic Drink, and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, oh my!) feature billions of live probiotics in each non-alcoholic bottle. And while probiotics are a smart addition to any gut-friendly routine, yoga can also offer your insides an unexpected boost.

Megawatt yoga instructor Beth Cooke (the yoga BFF to many A-listers) was on hand to demonstrate how with each body-bending session. “With all the twisting in yoga, you’re aiding the digestive paths,” she says. On top of abdominal twists, Cooke swears by viparita karani (AKA the legs-up-the-wall pose) because “it just keeps everything moving."

Cooke says yoga is also a game-changer because it helps soothe you during stressful situations. “If yoga relieves stress, it relaxes everything,” she says.

Add that to KeVita’s sips, a GIF booth to capture every bendy pose, and a room full of buzzing yogis, and you have quite the healthy combo to kickstart the season.

Scroll down to see the best moves in the yoga GIF booth—and what else went down at our September Yoga Reset.

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

Sky Ting Yoga’s serene Tribeca studio was the perfect space to learn (or re-learn) poses specifically designed to help you recharge.

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

One KeVita favorite was the Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic, which is fermented with ACV and water kefir. (The Turmeric Ginger flavor in particular was flying off the drink station.)

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

No party is complete without a GIF booth. Guests practiced their best yoga poses in front of the camera, and posted to Instagram to win some serious swag.

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

In addition to the KeVita's ACV Tonic, everyone sampled the probiotic powerhouse's line of tasty Master Brew Kombuchas (tastebud nirvana, reached).

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

The GIF station saw some serious poses with a boost from KeVita props.

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

"I think everyone left feeling really reset and revitalized," Cooke says of the soothing yoga sesh. "I saw a lot of happy faces in there."

Photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

Kokus was also in the house scooping up its probiotic-rich, plant-based ice cream. Made with a coconut cream base and topped with ingredients like bee pollen, turmeric, and coconut shavings, it's a convincing argument for eating ice cream even when the temperatures dip.

And here's the winning GIF from our Instagram challenge—which earned these lucky Well+Good readers a W+G swag bag, KeVita drinks, complimentary Sky Ting classes, and more. Double. Tap.

In partnership with KeVita

Top photo: Well+Good/Ryan Brady

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