Why Supporting Each Other Is the Key to Success, According to Two Women at the Top of Their Fields

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Whether it's her secret productivity hack, the app that streamlined her workout, or the under-the-radar vintage store she swears by, we've all known women who keep their secrets to success close to the vest. But according to your new favorite podcast, sharing your knowledge with others is mutually beneficial.

The podcast in question? The Nike Air Society Podcast, which hooks you up with powerful women with advice in spades. In the premiere episode above, Olympic hurdler Kristi Castlin and celebrity stylist Dianne Garcia break down why women should focus less on competition and more on paying it forward.

"At the end of the day, iron sharpens iron. We only help each other get better."

"That’s one thing that really helped me," Castlin says, "[Remembering] that there’s enough [success] to go around. Like, ‘Hey girl, let me help you out, let me give you a tip, let me help you.’ Because at the end of the day, iron sharpens iron. We only help each other get better."

For the full convo (and all their experience-backed advice—including how they use sports and style as a platform, and ways to create a stronger community of women) listen to the podcast via the player above, and stay tuned for more words of wisdom from other badass women in the next episodes to drop.

Listen to the podcast above, and click here for more advice from awesome women (plus score some next-level fashion intel).

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Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good


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