5 Fitness Stars Give the Report on the It-Leggings of the Season

Victoria Sport Total Knockout Tight

When it comes to leggings, if you've seen one, you've seen them all, right? Well, according to fitness buffs you see all over Instagram, that's very much *not* the case.

To prove it, we tapped five megawatt instructors and workout junkies (otherwise known as legging experts) to try out Victoria Sport's new Total Knockout Tight IRL—and the results were eye-opening.

From yoga to HIIT to spinning, these ladies span the total workout spectrum, so consider this a totally well-rounded sample test. And across the board, they all mentioned the second-skin feel (AKA, doesn't budge from burpees to boxing), super sleek sculpting action (total smoothing effect with major support), and style versatility (activewear look #goals). Leggings, upgraded.

Scroll down to find out more about the leggings you need to add to your activewear drawer ASAP—straight from the mouths of sweat-sesh stars.


Megan Roup Victoria Sport Total Knockout Tight
Photo: Megan Roup

The body-sculpting pro: Megan Roup

As the founder of The Sculpt Society (with classes at Studio B and Project by Equinox in New York City), Megan Roup needs fabric that will bend, twist, and move with her cardio and toning exercises.

So how did the Total Knockout Tight hold up? "The fabric makes me feel supported and they have amazing compression, everything is lifted in the right places," she says. "The tight feels slick and is extremely supportive."

Plus, they totally fit her regular steez. "I really love that the tights are slightly high waisted so I can wear my cropped tanks with it and not feel too exposed," says Roup. "They are super sleek and could be paired with nearly anything. They will definitely become a staple in my workout wardrobe."


Jess Sims Victoria Sport Total Knockout Tight
Photo: Jess Sims

The HIIT master: Jess Sims

With boxing and high intensity training, you need leggings that keep up with high-impact moves. Just ask Jess Sims, a Shadowbox and the Fhitting Room instructor. "I sweat a LOT, so I need my activewear to not show it," she says. "There’s also a lot of dynamic movement in boxing and HIIT, so I need my leggings to stay up and not fall down."

Appropriately, Sims put the Total Knockout Tight through the ringer with spinning, strength training, and running. "They felt great when I was lifting weights and putting myself through HIIT circuits—simultaneously supporting and allowing me to move," she reports. "Burpees were a breeze."

Oh, and one other biggie: The pockets. "This was so helpful during my run to store my phone, and amazing while I taught my HIIT classes to store my mic pack and timer," she adds. "I always wear boots on my way to classes and I could easily transition this to a brunch outfit by adding a cute top, scarf, and a hat!"


Heather Lilleston Victoria Sport Total Knockout Tight
Photo: Heather Lilleston

The yogi: Heather Lilleston

That's not to say the TKO tight is only for hardcore sweat seshes. According to yoga and meditation teacher (and co-founder of the refreshingly down-to-earth retreats Yoga for Bad People) Heather Lilleston, they're a total fit for a neighborhood jog or afternoon yoga flow, too.

"They were lightweight and snug and fit my leg length perfectly," says Lilleston, who prefers a legging that allows her to breathe. "The material is super soft so I enjoyed practicing yoga in them. And I got compliments on them, so they must be doing something right!"

So how would she style them? The yogi says the Total Knockout Tight is key for workouts or heading to the airport. "I think a crop top and an oversized sweater would be a good look," she recommends. (Always.)


Casey Cohen Victoria Sport Total Knockout Tight
Photo: Casey Cohen

The sweat-sesh buff: Casey Cohen

Entrepreneur Casey Cohen (co-founder of hospitality biz Salido) takes advantage of the studio offerings in NYC, switching up her workouts at SoulCycle, Rumble, Akin's Army, and more. In other words, she needs a legging that's versatile.

"When I want to feel on the sexier side, Victoria Sport is my go-to brand," she says. "The Total Knockout Tight was supportive enough to last a full hour of squats, lunges, burpees, and a SoulCycle class. They hold me in all the right areas, making me feel supported. The pockets are so cool and the cut-out design accentuates all the right places."


victoria sport tko tight hannah marie corbin
Photo: Hannah Marie Corbin

The cycling queen: Hannah Marie Corbin

Hannah Marie Corbin, senior instructor at Peloton and self-proclaimed "indoor cycling hurricane," has a brilliantly simple formula for selecting her activewear: "I only ask myself one question when I put on fitness gear," she says. "'Does this make me feel like a goddess, or not?'"

To really test the limits of just how fabulous the Total Knockout Tight could make her feel, she wore them on a day when she taught three consecutive, epically sweaty classes.

"When I got home, I caught a look at myself in the mirror, and couldn't help laughing," she says. "My hair was falling down, my tank straps were falling off my arms, my shoes were untied, but those tights were firm in place like I had painted them on."

So how did the TKO tight fare in the goddess test? "The well-placed mesh makes my legs look strong, long and lean," Corbin says. "Goddess status!"

In partnership with Victoria Sport

Top photo: Victoria Sport

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