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Arcona Product ReviewBy Siobhan O’Connor for

You know how you know it’s love? You get just a little taste and you want more. You find ways to work the object of your affection into conversations that have nothing (nothing!) to do with the topic at hand. Your thoughts kind of loop.

A few weeks ago, my latest order from NuboNau showed up. The new Ilia mascara, that RMS Un-Powder—and a ton of free samples, as usual. Huh! Arcona, I thought. I’ve never tried Arcona.

What kind of clean-beauty blogger am I that I’ve never tried Arcona? To be honest, I was a little scared of the line. Years ago, someone told me it was very “active,” and my skin doesn’t like “active.” My skin likes “soothing,” “calming,” and “hydrating.” But the little sample of Magic White Ice was calling to me. Also, while I’d never tried it, Arcona’s Eye Dew is easily the most tantalizingly named product under the sun. So I’d had that one on my mind for a minute, too.

About a week earlier, I’d done a TV thing for work and the makeup artist commented on how dry my skin was. She was nice about it—as nice as a person can be when they are telling you your skin is super-dry under insanely bright lights—but I was kind of embarrassed.

I needed some help, and I was hopeful that this little tube would perform, well, magic on my skin.

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