8 Stylish and Adjustable Office Chairs a Chiropractor Would Approve Of

Your spine is about to cave and so are you—it's time to upgrade that desk chair. The Pinterest impulse might be to get a velvet baby pink number with gold legs and a short, almost shell-like dome springing forth from the seat. Sounds lovely, but if I could be so bold: You're not Venus springing forth from seafoam, you're someone who has to answer 43 emails each day. And if you want to correct your posture and stop getting those aches and pains, you need to consider what a chiropractor has to say about adjustable office chairs.

While you may think that you need to default to some utilitarian monstrosity, there's actually a bit of flexibility of what constitutes an adjustable office chair that's back-friendly.

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"The key to finding a good chair is one that has much variability as possible," says chiropractic physician Kelli Pearson, DC.  "If you are a short person, under 5-foot-4, it’s critical that the seat pan is not too long or otherwise, your feet will simply not hit the floor. If you are sitting at a desk, it’s critical that you can lock the chair back in a vertical position if needed when you are perched on the front of your chair."

And in a true plot twist, you really don't even need something that'll keep you skyscraper straight the entire time.

"It’s vital that it has very ability to lean back a bit if you are pondering and have the opportunity to reflect while sitting at your computer," says Pearson. "Having a small lumbar curve built into the chair is excellent as long as it is not too big and not too high."

Alright, well, ready to give your home office a major make-over? Below, we have a few options that will keep you tall, proud, and painless while sitting down. Also, check out the best office chair for back pain.

These adjustable office chairs are chiropractor-approved

1. SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair, $280

I know, I know, it's BRIGHT, but it's also thin and pliable and will keep you cool.  If leather-sweating tends to be a problem, then go get the Nickelodeon swivel chair (or one of his brothers, there's a rainbow of options as it's available in 19 colors.).

Shop now: SOHO Ribbed Management Office Chair, $280

2. Smugdesk Ergonomic Chair, $90

If you've been hunched over your laptop for months like an old witch about to offer a poisoned apple, this friend should strategically straighten you out. Everything about the classic, functional style screams: "I'm committed to comfort and style."

Shop now: Smugdesk Ergonomic Chair, $90

3. Haatfjäll Office Chair, $229

Haatfjäll Office Chair

You can't resist the luscious allure of a millennial pink chair. It's serviceable, adorable, and mindful of your slouching habits. It's also available in beige and gray.

Shop now: Haatfjäll, $229

4. Cooper Mid-Century Leather Swivel Office Chair, $499

Cooper Mid-Century Leather Swivel Office Chair

Alright, price is a little steep, but you're throwing down for the exquisite quality and the feeling of being not just a boss, but THE boss, every single day. It's available in a variety of colors.

Shop now: Cooper Mid-Century Leather Swivel Office Chair, $499

5. Faux Leather and Gold Armstrong Upholstered Office Chair, $280

I'm low-key obsessing over the gold touches here and how it looks striking with the navy. If you want a back-considerate chair with flair, look no further. It also comes in black, cream, and brown.

Shop now: Faux Leather and Gold Armstrong Upholstered Office Chair, $280

6. Mid-Century Modern Cream Bonded Leather Gaslift Adjustable Swivel Office Chair, $308

If you don't have a leather-sweating problem and you also have a minimalist office of a Real Adult (you know, plants that don't die and a fuzzy white rug), enjoy this beauty. It's fully adjustable and extremely stylish.

Shop now: Mid-Century Modern Cream Bonded Leather Gaslift Adjustable Swivel Office Chair, $308

7. Serta My Fit Office Chair with Tailored Reach, $260

Or if you can't imagine owning an office chair that can't handle a red wine spill (don't judge, all Happy Hours are at your desk now), this stunner can fulfill all your posture-correcting dreams.

Shop now: Serta My Fit Office Chair with Tailored Reach, $260

8. SP Velvet Office Chair, $229

This looks divinely plush, right? Like it won't take up the whole room, but it'll make sure that you're comfy-cozy and sitting up through your otherwise snooze-inducing Zoom calls. Choose from eight colors.

Shop now: SP Velvet Office Chair, $229


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