Alo Yoga Just Launched a Skin-Care Kit—And We Already Can’t Live Without It

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One of the few gifts that 2020 has given us? Flexibility in our workout routines. Instead of scrambling to squeeze in a class before or after work, we can now fit in a quick yoga flow or HIIT session between meetings, and according to Classpass, the most popular time to workout is now 12 p.m. But this new level of flexibility has come with a question: What the heck are we supposed to do to our skin after one of these mid-day sweat sessions? Thanks to Alo Yoga Beauty, which launched a new "Glow System," we no longer have to mix and match products from our morning and evening routines for the sake of the cause. This five-step kit has everything we need.

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The cult-fave yoga brand announced the launch of its first-ever skin-care products, meant to simplify your post-workout beauty routine. The system features seven products—three for your skin and four for your body—that were specifically designed to be used after you sweat. All of the products contain amla berry, an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory gooseberry, commonly found in Ayurvedic practices. Each step combines the ingredient with formulas to help your skin transition from your time on the mat (or Peloton bike, or treadmill) into the rest of your day.

For what it's worth, there are major benefits to taking a little me-time for your skin after you work out. "After workouts, you have more blood supply to the skin, and the products can work a little better,"  Purvisah Patel, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Visha Skincare, previously told Well+Good. “Your skin-care products will do you more justice if applied to freshly clean skin and can be left on for the maximum amount of time." Without further ado, here's what to know about Alo Yoga Beauty, which is currently available on the brand's website and in nine of its brick-and-mortar studios. Keep your eyes out, because the products will be available at Nordstrom, come January 1. Shop Alo Yoga Beauty now.

1. Enzyme Facial Cleanser, $32

After spending half an hour drenched in sweat, you'll want to gently remove dirt and impurities from your skin, which is exactly what this foaming (but non-stripping) cleanser sets out to do. It uses pineapple enzymes to gently chemically exfoliate and has aloe vera to keep your skin from drying out in the process. The cleanser also has anti-inflammatory properties, which will help calm any post-workout redness or irritation.
Shop now: Alo Yoga Enzyme Facial Cleanser, $32

2. Radiance Serum, $88

This serum delivers an instant brightening effect with ferments and hyaluronic acid so that leftover sweat won't be the only thing giving your skin its glow after your cool down. It's smooth—not sticky—and absorbs seamlessly to leave behind an illuminated finish

Shop now: Alo Yoga Radiance Serum, $88

3. Luminizing Facial Moisturizer, $48

Alo Yoga somehow managed to develop a rich moisturizer that doesn't feel heavy (because who wants to slather a goopy product all over their sweaty skin?), which delivers power-packed nourishing ingredients like avocado and marula oil. It's got a lightweight, whipped texture, and is truly fragrance-free.
Shop now: Alo Yoga Luminizing Facial Moisturizer, $48

4. Mega-C Body Wash, $24

After your workout, it's just as important to cleanse your body as it is your face (otherwise, hello buttne and backne). This foaming wash will clear away acne-causing sweat and bacteria, and give your skin its daily dose of antioxidant protection with vitamin C.
Shop now: Alo Yoga Mega-C Body Wash, $24

5. Super Fruit Body Lotion, $28

This lotion is meant just as much for your muscles as it is for your skin. While aloe, coconut oil, and marula oil hydrate skin, arnica works to soothe soreness. Treat yourself to a little DIY massage when you've maxed out your push-up count and let it work its magic.

Shop now: Alo Yoga Super Fruit Body Lotion, $28

6. Magnesium Reset Spray, $48

With this spray, it's as if the brand bottled up one big sigh of relief for your body. It's made with magnesium and arnica to help ease muscle tension and is scented with lavender essential oil to help calm your mind. Spritz it on after your workout or before bed to reap the full effects of its mind-body benefits.

Shop now: Alo Yoga Magnesium Reset Spray, $48

7. Head-to-Toe Glow Oil, $48

Who doesn't love a multi-purpose product? This "liquid gold" oil is made with anti-inflammatory turmeric and nourishing marula oil, and is perfect for hydrating skin on your face and body or giving your split ends a little bit of extra love.

Shop now: Alo Yoga Head-to-Toe Glow Oil, $48

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