Why You Need to Be Sleeping on an All-Natural Mattress

The materials in your generic mattress could surprise you...
When it comes to getting your beauty sleep, you're well aware of the factors at play. Moving your smartphone away from your bed? Turning off Netflix earlier in the night? Prioritizing those recommended eight hours of precious shut-eye? Check, check, and check.

But even if you've mastered all of the above, there's still something else to consider: What mattress you're sleeping on. Specifically, the materials that go into it.

If you've gone the non-toxic route with your skin-care and makeup arsenal, it might be time to consider the place you lay your head for one third of your life (seriously, that's how much time you spend in bed). One thing you might not know? Many of the mattresses on the market are made with stuff you might not want to face-plant on at 10 p.m. (or, like, ever), like petroleum-based polyurethane foam, chemical fire retardants, and potentially problematic pesticides.

Enter Avocado Green Mattress, the buzzy brand that's determined to clean up your sleep situation with luxe, affordable mattresses (and pillows!) that are good for both the pajama-clad and the planet. Translation: You get serious comfort, without the iffy chemicals and pesticides.

Can a green mattress really make a difference? Scroll down for 3 reasons why you should definitely go all-natural in bed.

Natural and organic materials could be better for air quality

Using non-toxic materials may seem like a no-brainer—but according to Avocado, many mattresses out there contain volatile organic compounds and other chemicals that could harm your indoor air quality (no thanks). To avoid that, Avocado taps New Zealand wool, organic cotton, and 100 percent natural Dunlop latex (an ingredient sourced from sustainably harvested trees) to create each of its ridiculously soft mattresses.

One more thing: It's also one of the few brands certified GREENGUARD Gold by UL Environment, which means there's no materials you can't pronounce or understand (like solvent-based adhesives)—just a super fresh surface for curling up with your latest read.

Natural cushioning is better for your sleep

Even if you turn the lights out at a reasonable hour, the quality of your shut-eye isn't guaranteed (just ask anyone that's tossed and turned while mentally scrolling through a to-do list for an hour—#guilty). That's when proper support can be a game-changer.

Avocado mattresses are crafted with an internal pressure-point support system that's specifically designed to restore and repair. Whether you're sore from yesterday's cycling sesh or hunching over your laptop, the firmer feel (which still adapts to your body's curves) is more beneficial than a softer surface, according to Avocado. Plus, you can choose from two models: a gentle-firm or plush mattress with a comfy pillow-top.

PS: The breathable, natural materials mean you won't overheat, so say goodbye to 2 a.m. night sweats (AKA kicking-off-the-covers problems).

Sustainable materials also means it’s better for the planet

In this case, what's good for you is also good for the planet. Since Avocado mattresses are made with natural and organic materials, they're also eco-friendly (plus, they're created on-demand in California). They're largely recyclable and biodegradable—although that's something you won't have to think about for a while, since each one comes with a 25-year warranty. (Consider that five times the lifespan of your random mattress you bought in college.)

Oh yeah, and you can feel good about your purchase, too: As part of 1% For The Planet, Avocado donates one percent of corporate revenues to environmental nonprofit organizations. Sweet dreams really are made of these.

In partnership with Avocado Green Mattress

Photos: Avocado Green Mattress

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