The 12 Best Sweat-Wicking Sports Bras That Will Carry You Straight From Your Workout to Brunch and Beyond

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Sweaty workouts can be a blast: Your heart is racing, your body is on the move, and you feel so alive. The problem? Afterwards, you may be stuck in a sweaty sports bra that doesn't feel nearly as good now that your back at your resting heart rate (especially if you're grabbing brunch with a friend after spin class). That's why we did some serious testing to discover the very best moisture-wicking sports bras out there.

Here at Well+Good, we do a fair number of sweaty workouts, so fear not. Below, you'll find our tried and tested picks for fast-drying sports bras whether you're hitting the trails for a hike or attending an in-studio boxing work out. Let's get sweaty.

The best moisture-wicking sports bras

Allston Sports Bra — $72.00

This pocket bra is made for supporting your sweatiest, stickiest miles—and its also beloved by runners everywhere. A combination of nylon and elastane feels buttery on your body, and dries quickly once you start your cool down. Oh, and it comes in a slew of colors in the spirt of summer 5Ks and fun runs, like lake, ivy, navy, and emerald.

Lululemon Hike to Swim Bra — $78.00

Take it from a sweaty gal who hiked in sunny, steaming-hot Santa Monica with this bra: It dries fast. Part of the brand’s freshly-minted hiking collection, this piece is made with Lululemon’s quick-drying “Esca” fabric just in case you stumble upon a hidden waterfall. That way, you can take a dip and not have to suffer for the rest of the hike. This bra comes in three, two-tone colorways—and you can even snag a matching pair of shorts. (I recommend going up one or two sizes for a comfier fit.)

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra — $58.00

Okay, so this bra is legendary—especially if you have boobs and like to feel super secure during high-impact workouts. This is one of Outdoor Voices best-selling bras for good reason: Whether you’re hitting a yoga class, going on a long bike ride, or sweating it out on the pickleball court, you can count on this piece to dry quickly (thank you, Tech Sweat material). This also comes in so many fun colors, from purple blue ombre to peacock/lagoon to eggplant.

Brooks Dare Crossback Run Bra 2.0 — $60.00

I’ve never met a bra I love quite as much as this one. The slick, soft material never chafes, supports your chest, and feels like a second skin. It has come along on countless runs, and still remains in perfect condition after nearly four years of use. You can buy this high-impact bra in icy blue, navy, lilac, and more.

On Running The Performance Bra — $75.00

On Running is very intentional with all of its products—and this bra is no exception. This piece is made to support you in the bounciest workouts—whether you’re hoping on the trampoline or sprinting down your block. It’s also fast-drying thanks to polyamide and elastane, and comes in three wonderfully basic shades: purple, blue, and black. Bonus: The garment is made of 65 percent recycled material.

New Balance Fuel Bra — $45.00

As one of the original players in the running space, New Balance knows how to craft a high-impact, sweat-resistant bra. As for material, New Balance combined recycled polyester and spandex to support you through boxing and cycling classes. Get yours in black, pink, green, or white, and enjoy the seamless, soft design.

Sweaty Betty Ultra Running Bra — $68.00

This wouldn’t be a roundup of sweat-wicking sports bras without Sweaty Betty now, would it? The mesh panels on this sports bra will keep you cool during the steamiest workouts, and the rest of the bra is designed with a quick-drying fabric made of polyamide. You have so many gorgeous colors to choose from (blues, pinks, oranges, purples)… so maybe you pick up a few of these?


Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh — $60.00

Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric lives up to its name. This bra dries in about five minutes, and has medium support for workouts like HIIT, running, hot yoga, or Pilates. Snatch it up in black, white, blue, or watermelon pink.

Adidas TLRD Impact Training High Support Bra — $55.00

Polyester and elastane make this bra another great option for grueling workouts. Adidas’ moisture-absorbing AEROREADY fabric will make sure you can hit a workout and brunch back-to-back without feeling too grimy. Oh, and it comes in four great colors: black, white, red, and green.

Girlfriend Collective Simone High Support Bra — $52.00

Made from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles and 21 percent spandex, this sweat-friendly sports bra offers full coverage for all of your sweaty endeavors. “Perfect for high impact runs—holds everything down/in place, and extremely comfortable,” one reviewer writes. This one comes in so many pretty colors, including plum, midnight, and moss.

Athleta Ultimate Bra — $49.00

The Ultimate Bra is designed with material that actively pull sweat away from your body so it can evaporate faster. Buy this staple in heather gray, coral pink, or a whole slew of other fun colors.

Airlift Suit Up Bra — $72.00

If it’s a sweaty yoga class you seek, this bra will fit the bill. This smoothing fabric will stay on your body as you move through sun salutations, inversions, and more—so roll out your mat and enjoy the feel. Try it Alo’s cool, unique color palette, including rust and steel blue.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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