Blueland Just Moved Into the Body Care Category—And Your Shower Will Never Be the Same

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Earlier this year, Well+Good beauty writer Kara Brown reported that the global cosmetics industry creates over 120 billion units of packaging. The piece inspired me to do a beauty overhaul of my own, and I quickly realized I can trace a lot of my own personal waste to the shower. That's why eco-friendly cleaning company Blueland's expansion into the beauty aisle (starting with a body wash, $16) feels like a pretty big deal.

Look, usually I'm a bar soap kind of person. Each oval lasts around a month and costs $5, which is both affordable and convenient. The problem is that each one comes in an individually-wrapped in cardboard—which, while recyclable—still isn't great for the planet. (About 91 percent of recyclables don't actually get recycled, fam.)

Blueland's body wash is different: While you do have to buy a one-time "forever" bottle for each respective product (think: all-purpose cleaners and hand soaps), the brand has mastered the art of making sure that's the last bottle in that category you'll ever buy. How? When it's time for a refill, you simply order refill packs that come in fully-compostable paper sachets. Pour the powder into your forever bottle, add warm water, and shake. Voilà—you're back in business.

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Photo: Blueland
Blueland, Body Wash Starter Set — $16.00

Available in three scents: Sandalwood sage, waterlily dew, or raspberry hibiscus.

Since discovering Blueland's hand soaps last year, I've been slowly converting everything over to the brand—and here's why. Unlike so many other earth-friendly alternatives, Blueland works out to be cheaper than buying hand soap from the grocery store again and again (and again). Refill packets usually run between $3 to $14, and you can set them to auto-ship so you never have to think twice about it.

The body wash works the same way. Once you invest in the bottle, you can simply order a refill pack for $9 (or just over $7 if you buy a pack of three). While this isn't super cheap for a body wash, it's about on par with most formulas you'll find at your local drugstore. No, it's not quite cheaper than my trusty bar soap, but it's still a huge convenience win to add it my Blueland subscription order and never think about it again.

To boot, Blueland body wash also rocks a great ingredients label. In each scent (they currently offer sandalwood sage, waterlily dew, or raspberry hibiscus), you'll find vitamin E, oat, kaolin clay, coconut acids. The formula is also hypoallergenic, Leaping Bunny certified, and free of sulfates, parabens, or phthalates.

When you finally step in the shower and get intimate with your Blueland body wash, you'll find that it doesn't really work up a rich, soapy lather. The formula is smooth, but not sticky, and never harsh on the skin. And if you're someone who likes to shave, I'm here to tell you that this soap will pretty much render your shaving cream obsolete.

In short, like so many Blueland products, this body wash is just simple. Period. And if you—like me—are growing increasingly aware of your footprint upon Mama Earth, it's a great way to vote with your lather.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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