Chloe Grace Moretz Credits Two (Totally Natural!) Ingredients for Curing Her Cystic Acne

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One of the coolest things about skin care is that you can find a whole arsenal of treatments in your kitchen. Case in point? An editor here (yours truly) has had success using honey as a facial cleanser. Plus, coconut oil can be used for countless Hilary Duff–approved beauty hacks, and apple cider vinegar can replace your store-bought toner. If you're browsing your pantry for yet another ingredient with secret superpowers for your skin, try olive oil.

In the past, actress Chloe Grace Moretz admitted to Allure that she washes her face with the oil you're used to pouring in pasta and salads. "I swear my face is so much clearer because of it," said Moretz, who has talked openly about her struggles with cystic acne (I feel you, girl). Sounds like she's savvy about how facial oils give you glowing skin rather than zits.

Along with cleansing her face with the all-star cooking staple, the Brain on Fire actress recently told Self that she combines the workhorse ingredient with honey (one of SZA's go-to zit-zappers) to make a DIY face mask that she also credits with clearing her acne-prone skin. "It was hard when I was younger. I had really, really problematic skin. I'd lay my head down on the pillow, and the pain I would get just from [that] was unbearable,” she says. But after Moretz whipped up the pantry concoction (on impulse alone), she gratefully discovered the natural blend transformed her skin into its manageable (if not #flawless) everyday current state.

So the next time you're searching high and low (or rather, deep in Google search pages) for cystic-acne solutions, take a look in your pantry first. The common cooking oil and au naturel sweetener aren't just for sautéing and tea time, respectively, anymore.

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Originally published October 25, 2016. Updated on July 3, 2018, with additional reporting from Kells McPhillips. 

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