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Cute Cotton Underwear That’ll Keep Your Lady Bits Cool This Summer

Tamim Alnuweiri

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Photo: Instagram/@everlane

The minimalism and less-is-more aesthetic is hard to embrace in frigid winters that encourage an endless barrage of layers, but come summer—the ethos is easy to live by. The hot swamp-like humidity and scorching heat that seems to blanket the entire country means highlighting those light, breathable, and moisture wicking fabrics—a recipe that brings cotton back to the forefront of the fabric world.

There is arguably no place that your choice of material and fabrics is more important that your down unders which is a sensitive, self-cleaning area. You might already know that you should be switching to a pair of classic cotton briefs when you’re working out (seriously—your vagina will thank you) but since the summer heat basically mimics your workout conditions (sweat everywhere, uncontrollable humidity, endless heat) they should also be your go-tos for the warmer months.

Although a five pack of Hanes will always have a place in my underwear drawer, there are also some more grown up and chic cotton options to get you through the summer. Browse your breathable options at your convenience below.

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