Dreamcatchers Are Back

Gypsy_Blossom_lookbook_4Dreamcatchers, the symbolic guardians of sleep, have come and gone in popular culture (raise your hand if you had a pink one when you were 11 or you’re a boho goddess who’s always had one). Either way, the spiritual pieces are decidedly hot again.

Now top bespoke design retailers like Reformation and ABC Home are stocking them, chic indie companies are crafting them to commemorate something or someone important, and we can name a handful of wellness gurus who love theirs, too.

And while we can't guarantee dreamcatchers will actually prevent the nightmares you keep having after The Leftovers, they can definitely add spiritual meaning to your home, says Cristen Genga, the founder of Brooklyn-based custom dreamcatcher purveyor Spoke Woven.

"What I've read about Native American dreamcatchers is that someone in the family would make them to protect their loved ones," Genga says. "We also do that. When I work with someone, they mail me things that are personal and close to them for the piece. For me, the dreamcatchers are honoring that tradition."

Here are five gorgeous ones to consider hanging up ASAP. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Soul Makes)


Reformation DreamcatcherSavannah King Custom Neon Dreamcatcher

Savannah King is the artist behind the eye-catching neon dreamcatchers at Reformation's New York and Los Angeles boutiques. We've never seen a electric dreamcatcher before, but somehow the juxtaposition of the old and the new makes total design sense.

www.shopthirdeye, $500 and up

(Photo: Third Eye)


ABC Home DreamcatcherAurora Spirits Dreamcatcher

We first spotted these dreamcatchers, from New York designer Ewa Da Cruz, at ABC Home in New York City, with their compelling earthy yet edgy vibe.

www.ahalife.com, $375

(Photo: ABC Home)


White DreamcatcherInto the Mystic Dreamcatcher

This ethereal-cool dreamcatcher from jewelry and accessories design site Soul Makes is the perfect complement to a crisp white bed—or for anywhere you want its tiny turquoise stone accent to really pop.

www.soulmakes.com, $98

(Photo: Soul Makes)


Spoke WovenSpoke Woven Custom Dreamcatcher

Cristen Genga first started making custom dreamcatchers when she designed one for close friend Pamela Love's first Fashion Week presentation five years ago.

"In the deeply collaborative way we make dreamcatchers, [they're commissioned] in a loving and spiritual way," she says, and many use them to honor loved ones, like one client who had one made as a dedication to her sister who passed away from breast cancer. "The collaboration process can take up to six weeks or so, and the client is involved in everything from coloring to feather and crystal placement."

www.instagram.com, $200–675

(Photo: Spoke Woven)


Giant dreamcatcherBohemian Diesel Dreamcatcher

Okay, so you technically couldn't hang it on your wall (unless your ceilings are 25 feet high?), but we just can't get over the awesome life-size-spider's-web feel of this giant dreamcatcher we spotted on lifestyle blog Bohemian Diesel's Instagram. Sadly, it disappeared from its post on Arizona's Route 66 in 2013, but we can still take a road trip there in our dreams.

(Photo: Bohemian Diesel)


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