If You Aren’t Good at Building Spreadsheets, This Formula Generator Is Bound To Be Your New BFF

Photo: Stocksy / Aaron Thomas
Both Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are used by many every. single. day. Google Suite, which includes Sheets, sees approximately two billion visitors each month, whereas Excel has an estimated 750 million to 1.2 billion monthly visitors. Despite their popularity, however, it’s still super common (and frustrating) to not be proficient at creating spreadsheets. It’s a skill, after all. But those who aren’t are in luck because a new online generator is here to make the task exponentially easier.

It’s called Excel Formula Bot, and allows you to transform your text instructions into Excel and Sheets formulas. If you only need one-off codes now and then, the free version allows you up to five formulas per month. If you require more, there’s a monthly fee of $2.99, which also gives you access to adding the extension of the bot to Sheets, so you don’t even have to leave the site. (An Excel extension is coming soon too.)

Three dollars feels like money well spent to save hours trying to make a formula. But if you truly want to figure out if Excel Formula could benefit you, based on how much time you regularly spend toiling over spreadsheets, the site has a calculator on its homepage to help you do the math.

Enter your hourly rate and then the number of hours you spend figuring out the right formula. For example, let’s say you make $25/hour and spend four hours on formulas, your cost of time spent is $100. Best of all, it may just help ease some of those feelings of productivity paranoia you may be feeling while working from home—and that, my friends, is priceless.

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