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Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

The struggle of landing a loving, healthy relationship is real, but maybe it’s just because you’re not looking in the right spot—or the right city.

WalletHub compared 180 US cities using 32 key indicators of dating friendliness—including the cost of meals at restaurants and how many singles live there—and identified which places are best for finding love. Topping the list? San Francisco.

While San Fran came in number one, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Denver weren’t far behind.

While San Fran came in number one for its solid combination of fun things to do (like classes at dreamy yoga studios) and many dating opportunities, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Denver weren’t far behind. And if you live in South Burlington, VT, which came in last, you might consider these date-breeding grounds for upcoming healthy travel plans.

Finding love is hard enough (even science says so!), so having geography on your side sure won’t hurt your chances. But taking note of how you communicate and the vibes you give off might help most.

Here’s why your Tinder dates aren’t working, according to science. Also, here’s how the dating app could be messing with your confidence.