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deep EXtreme at Equinox
We jumped into deep EXtreme’s debut session taught by Mark Hendrick’s, Equinox’s downtown group fitness guru and Q Blog darling.

Deep EXtreme is Equinox’s souped up and customized version of Body Art, a fusion class by way of Berlin. Equinox edited the heady, slightly-too-esoteric European original and made it into a super sweaty vinyasa bootcamp. The remake is way better than the original.

Down dog segues into mountain climbers. Think yoga with a spanking. Trance-like Euro house music (from the original Body Art) encourages “deep releases” while shaking out your ponytail during dance-y lunges, jumps, and groovy lateral work. The result is obliques that will demand a 20-minute soak in Epsom salts the next day. —Alexia Brue

Who it’s good for? Deep EXtreme is perfect for yogis who want their cardio, Zumba people who want some yoga, and anyone looking for a cardio trance dance.

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