There’s now an official start date to cuffing season (and hey, you’ve got time)

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Every year as the season changes and the winter coats and heavy-quilts get lugged out from storage, singles are faced with the choice to either endure the cold temps alone—bring on the merino wool—or embark on a winter-inspired quest to find a snuggle buddy.

Tis (almost) cuffing season, after all—you know, the time of year when, according to Urban Dictionary, “People who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be ‘cuffed’ or tied down by a serious relationship.” If you’re still wondering why it’s called cuffing, it’s a derivative of “handcuffing,” because you’re basically shackling yourself to another person for a season. (And they say romance is dead.)

The hosts of the Save The Date Show podcast, Imani and Kandice, understand the struggles of singledom—which they portray through LOL-inducing memes and oh-so-real-checklists. And they definitely get the appeal of coupling up in cold weather. After all, hygge-ing, cuddling up in front of the fire, and romantic-comedy marathons are better with an S.O. But they have one message for you: Relax, you’ve got time.

In a recent ‘gram, the duo crafted a schedule—”subject to change based upon feelings,” of course—to keep you on track for finding a special someone to bunker down within time for holiday shenanigans. And according to this schedule, cuffing season doesn’t *officially* start until December. (Bless up.)

So you’ve got another few weeks before its time to subject your fingers to swiping-induced cramps. Which means plenty of time to fire up your fave dating app or up the BDE-ante in your profile.

And if you don’t want to give in to the pressure to partner up this winter, don’t. It’s totally possible to be single and happy (even during cuffing season).

BTW, there’s a scientific reason people want more sex during the holidays. And if you’re single, this is the best city in which to start a healthy relationship(just FYI). 

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