Feeling holiday-cheer burnout? Here’s how to unwind, according to your zodiac sign

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The year is officially coming to a close…but not before a bunch of holly, jolly holiday stressors come at you like merry little freight train. From festive work parties and tense family dinners to enough social obligations to make you want crawl into bed until 2020, you might be 110 percent over this season already. Yet, given that it’s not yet 2020, how are you supposed to make it through?

According to astrologer Carolyne Faulkner, author of YOUR SIGNS: An Empowering Astrology Guide for 2020, some secrets for weathering the supposedly most wonderful time of the year involves gleaning secrets from your star sign. find how the planets are bringing on this unique strain of um…strain. Below, she shares what each zodiac sign can expect in terms of yuletide burnout, plus her best practices maximizing self care among all the holiday craziness.

How to unwind from holiday stressors, according to your zodiac sign


Fiery Aries is a go-getter who will probably push themselves to crush every Q4 goal and then some. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you don’t run yourself into the ground. Though you’re usually energized and now is no exception, the burst of motivation you’re experiencing won’t fuel you forever.

“Your ruler, Mars, just left your opposite sign, Libra, which boosted your energy,” Faulkner says. “It’s wise not to keep the foot on the pedal until the very last day of work, or you’re likely to become unwell.

Tip for holiday stressors: Slow down now, conserve energy, and practice slow yoga flows at home.


This year for bulls who like to plan ambitiously for the year ahead, the best approach is to organize a bit and sort of chill until 2020 is actually here.

“Uranus, the electric planet, is in your sign for a new seven-year cycle, so ideas are likely to be flowing, and your brain could still be in overdrive, resulting in a cerebral meltdown,” Faulkner says. “So buy a new journal, download ideas and plans onto paper, and let them go until after the holidays.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Plant seeds, and then let them grow a little before revisiting. Avoid obsessive tendencies, cook from scratch, and even clear your space and partake in practical chores.


Gemini is bound to have a million and a half holiday parties to go to this year, but while you’re usually the center of attention, this year you may be phoning in the festiveness a bit.

“Jupiter and Venus are in an opposition to your sun,” Faulkner says. “This means that you are likely to feel less than vibrant as your stars are pushing you to examine your deeper truth. This isn’t easy, so give yourself a break and steer your inner and outer conversations to be kind and loving as opposed to critical.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Practice mindfulness, avoid engaging with low-vibe company, and be kind to yourself. You don’t have to have all the answers just yet.


Cancers have had a challenging year given the glare of Saturn and transformative Pluto demanding to pull you out of a rut. The answer? “Relax and accept,” says Faulkner. “Avoid blaming yourself or others for your journey thus far, and, little by little, change toxic habits, and crank up the optimism.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Be grateful for all you have achieved, all you have, and all you are. Flip negativity to positivity, and allow the universe to come to your aid on the wings of gratitude.


Queen of the jungle Leo has been probably treating herself all season in order to get through this energetic rough patch. “It has been a minute now since your sign was empowered, so life may have felt like a long, hard slog,” Faulkner says. “2020 is a whole different ball game, but your ego has had no chance of survival without compassion. Rest up this holiday, and avoid overspending in a bid to gain self-love and love from others.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Give love to yourself and others without expectation, since expectations can lead to trouble. Play music, and release the flow of heart energy with movement.


Virgo, you truly believe you can enjoy the most perfect and fulfilling holiday season. And, whether or not that’s true, know you can delegate. (It’s no secret that you tend to go overboard.)

Neptune [went] direct in your opposite sign Pisces on November 27 so you may feel lifted from a foggy period of disillusionment. This is excellent as long as you don’t miss out on the magic of the moment thanks to the need to control everything,” Faulkner says.

Tip for holiday stressors: Before you let yourself slip down the rabbit hole of over-analysis or panic, ask yourself: “Does this really matter?” You’d be wise to lighten up and crank up the laughter and happiness in your life.


Be honest, Libra: Are you looking forward to sitting around the dinner table with your family? If not, steer clear of touchy topics at any and all gatherings.

“Mars was in your sign, energizing you and your relationships until November 19. Now it’s important to heal any rifts and promote peace, or the home could resemble a battleground with you and your loved ones fighting for supremacy,” says Faulkner.

Tip for holiday stressors: Walk the path of the peaceful warrior without totally sacrificing your sense of self. And, choose your battles wisely.


Speaking of grudges, Scorpios are going to feel dark and Scrooge-like during the holidays, and the transgressions and betrayals they’ve committed this year might be weighing on them as holiday invites roll in. Faulkner’s advice? Grant mercy and have a blast, even if it goes against your nature.

“Mars—the planet of attraction, drive, and energy—is in now in your sign, so don’t stay in,” Faulkner says. “Go out and have fun, dance and play, and forget trying to take over the world for now. Empathy and forgiveness are life lessons of yours, and this learning has been amplified as of late. Your intuition is empowered right now, so work on sitting still.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Let go of grudges (or help heal those who cannot), empathize, and then move on with the lightness of the fairy folk.


Last year, Sagittarius celebrated its Emerald Year, which is kind of like being elected Cosmic Miss America. But you’re kind of anxious having sat on that throne all year, soaking in that good energy. This year Jupiter, your ruler, is exiting your sign, so in 2020, you’ll be free to build on the opportunities that came your way.

“Don’t panic if you have not accomplished much on a worldly level,” says Faulkner. “This alignment is asking you to face yourself and reveal your true nature to release the shadow and shine the light.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Life has given you abundance and opportunity to grow by facing yourself. This will empower your soul and ensure you are on the right track on a deeper level. Avoid overindulgence and adopt moderation.


Caps have had a really rough go of things since, well, like two holidays ago. Leave it to the taskmaster challenge-granting planet to force you to be responsible. Luckily, you should be fine so long as you’re able to let go of structure.

“Your ruler, Saturn, has been in your sign since late 2017, pushing you to learn life lessons and to master your emotions,” Faulkner says. “It’s likely you’ve needed to work hard on all aspects of life this year, and this rather serious transit is now preparing to leave you so lightness can return.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Take a break from any kind of schedule and stay at home with your loved ones. Be gentle, boost your serotonin levels with jaunts in nature and exercise that includes natural light and oxygen-giving trees. Your life lesson this year has been kindness, to the self and others.


Don’t feel caught up by the need to RSVP to every event in an effort to stave off FOMO. Instead, block of time to stay in and relax; plenty of excitement lay ahead.

“Life is about to really get moving in 2020, so unplug now, relax, and take time out or you’re likely to combust and miss out due to exhaustion,” Faulkner says. “Say no to anything that doesn’t make your heart sing, and preserve your energy through the holiday season.”

Tip for holiday stressors: Unplug at a reasonable time, and take care of your mind with meditation. Escape into the art or music world.


You’ve been locked up in daydreams for a while, Pisces, and your big hill to overcome this season is the possibility of stagnating. So, express yourself joyfully.

“Your ruler, Neptune, has been chilling in a retrograde since June and it’s now direct. This can be incredible, since your dreams are more likely to manifest now,” says Faulkner.

Tip for holiday stressors: Keep your spirits high and use art and music to express your feelings, avoid escapist behavior, and practice spirituality as a form of self-awareness.

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