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Jakarta, Indonesia, is the most geotagged city Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Joselito Briones

Maybe you’ve snapped a selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, or gone searching for royalty in London—or even hit up a nap bar in Spain. But have you made your way to the most geotagged city on Instagram?

In honor of the one-year anniversary of Instagram Stories (yup, it’s been 365 days since IG debuted its Snapchat-like feature), the brand released a whole bunch of interesting data about how year one has gone. And considering more than 250 million people now use the platform daily—with most spending around 30 minutes a day scrolling their feeds—it’s safe to say the stories are a hit.

Users are obsessed with the puppy face filter and happy-themed hashtags.

Instagram’s data shows that users are obsessed with the puppy face filter and happy-themed hashtags like #goodmorning (which earned the top slot), #goodnight (number three), #love (number seven), and #relax (number 10). And proving work-life balance is alive and well, the second most-popular hashtag on Insta Stories is #work.

But perhaps the most surprising bit of intel is that the most geotagged city on Insta Stories is…Jakarta, Indonesia. The nation does have the fourth-largest population on the planet, so that’s not a total shocker—but the fact that Jakarta’s in the lead, as opposed to Indonesia’s Insta-friendly island of Bali, is definitely unexpected. (And rounding out the top five are: São Paulo, NYC, London, and Madrid.)

So, basically: a #goodmorning Boomerang in Jakarta topped off with puppy ears? A definite double-tap.

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