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Yoga UndressedBy Liz Neporent for AOL Health

I am one of those people who feels clumsy and ungraceful when I do yoga in the best of circumstances, so when I first heard about naked yoga classes, the idea filled me with dread. I simply couldn’t imagine the amount of confidence — and shaving — something like this would require.

I declined an invitation to try a class and a private lesson at a recently opened naked yoga studio, even after I was assured the lights would be dimmed and no one was interested in checking me out.

Then I received a copy of the new video series Yoga Undressed. If I were ever going to try unclothed exercise in any form, this was more my speed. Not that striking a pose without clothes was on my bucket list or anything, but I admit I was a little curious.

Would it be an enlightening experience that helped me change my relationship with my body like the package copy promised? Or would it be creepy and disturbing like that time in my college women’s study class when the instructor encouraged us to view our private parts with a mirror? I figured I might as well find out in the privacy of my own home, at a time when no one was around, maybe with garbage bags taped over the windows. Read more…