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Target’s colorful new home collection is majorly mood-boosting

Sneak peek at Target's new Oh Joy! home line Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@ohjoy

If you stocked up on everything from Target’s last Oh Joy! collection, you’re in for a treat: Joy Cho, the blogger and designer behind the whimsical décor, is back for round two. And it’s totally going to unleash your inner “happy.”

While her fall 2016 spread featured all things rose-gold and swans, this year’s collection is made up of 21 furniture pieces and 18 home goods, reports Refinery 29. Within that, you can expect to find everything from confetti-themed couches and boldly-patterned arm chairs to string lights and gold desk accessories.

Unfortunately, that’s all the information that’s available right now—but in the meantime, feast your eyes upon these pieces you can snag for your home starting September 10.

Look ahead for some new items that will surely brighten up that one sad corner you’ve been meaning to tackle.

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oh joy! target fall 2017
Photo: Nicki Sebastian for Oh Joy!

1. Gold accessories

Whether you’re organizing your desk or need a pretty vase for flowers, these gold accessories will go with everything.

oh joy! target fall 2017
Photo: Nicki Sebastian for Oh Joy!

2. Colorful home goods

Between the pastel-toned wall art and pom-pom pillows, who wouldn’t want to wake up to this feel-good décor every day?

oh joy! target fall 2017
Photo: Nicki Sebastian for Oh Joy!

3. Confetti-printed furniture

This bold loveseat is basically begging you to have your friends over for a game night.

Target’s upcoming modern collection will also give your home a healthy jolt of energy. And while you’re there, toss some items from their new activewear line into your cart too.