Here’s why your wellness resolution should focus on better shut-eye

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You never miss a yoga class and your veggie-loaded smoothies are as nutritious as they are Instagrammable. But if you’re still sleeping on that same “it’s better than the floor!” mattress, your wellness routine officially needs a boost.

In fact, a 2017 study from Mattress Firm found that sacrificing just one side of the so-called “holistic health triangle” (exercise, nutrition, sleep) hurts overall wellbeing.

Since you already prioritize two sides of that healthy-living triangle, make better sleep your 2018 resolution—starting with your mattress. With plenty of top brands to choose from at Mattress Firm, you’ll definitely find one that fits you as well as your fave leggings.

Ready for some high-quality zzz’s? Score $100 off a Mattress Firm purchase of $599 or more until March 31 with code WELLGOOD100—and get ready to hit snooze.

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