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The Avocado Sock that will ripen your fruit Pin It
Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good

Is there anything worse than a not-yet-ripe—or, actually worse, rotten—avocado when you really want one? (Yes, fine, #perspective, there are worse things in life. But this is a real problem, too.)

One minute, your avocado is rock hard and feels like it won’t be ready to top your toast for at least a month. But then you go for a run, take a shower, and return to the kitchen to find that that same avocado is suddenly overripe. Could the solution be…an avo-wardrobe?

Diane Sherwood says she discovered, during her days as a caterer, that wrapping avocados in wool ski socks and lining them up in a drawer was the key to having “plenty of ripe avocados at-the-ready for vats of guacamole.” Sherwood says the warmth of the wool ripens your fave green fruit more evenly, more gently, and faster than a paper bag.

Now, she’s turned her trick into a trade—and is selling her own creation, The Avocado Sock. The 100 percent Shetland wool “socks” (which look more like mittens without thumbs) can be used to ripen other fruits and veggies, too, Sherwood says.

A single (and reusable) outfit for your healthy fat fave: $15. Picture-perfect Instagrammable avocado toast: priceless.

Now did someone say twinsies?! Here’s how to have your avocado and wear it, too. And if you’re in need of a new toast recipe, try Drew Barrymore’s go-to topping.