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What do you and Karlie Kloss have in common? Well, if you’re one of many wellness lovers who’s giving up inflammatory foods this resolution-abundant January, you’re probably cutting back on your sugar intake.

“I’m being super-disciplined about trying to cut down on sugar,” the supermodel and Adidas spokeswoman told Vogue in a recent interview. “I’ve been trying to satisfy my sweet tooth in a more healthy, wholesome way.”

And how, exactly, is she doing that? Kloss is eating plenty of healthy fats—think coconut oil, good ol’ avocados, and fish—since that’s key for staying full and nourished. But if a particularly sweet craving hits, she has a special smoothie recipe (perhaps she took a pointer from Kate Middleton?) that hits the spot—and is chock-full of Moon Juice adaptogens and skin-boosters that provide a glow as they silence that dessert-craving voice in your head.

“I’m like a mad scientist in the morning, scooping out a teaspoon of this, a half teaspoon of that,” says Kloss. “I feel like drinking coffee first thing in the morning is very acidic—I like to have something filling that lets you take a dose of your medicine.”

Want to try the recipe for yourself? Here’s how to make Kloss’ go-to a.m. blend.

Get Started

1 serving Moon Juice Deep Chocolate Protein
1 Tbsp almond butter
3 heaping Tbsp Moon Juice Tocotrienols
1 tsp Moon Juice Cordyceps
1/4 tsp Moon Juice Pearl
1 Tbsp Moon Juice Brain Dust
Almond milk

Just blend and sip—and (fingers crossed) kiss your cravings goodbye.

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