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Photo: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

The second a celebrity is spotted snacking on a new superfood smoothie, testing out a new workout, or trying out a new facial, the world jumps on it immediately. And young Prince George is no exception.

At 4 years old, Will and Kate’s firstborn is already a style icon and a food-trend tastemaker. According to The Daily Meal, the wee royal has pretty much become the poster child for French Puy lentils—all because his new school serves the superfood for lunch.

Puy lentils—which get their name from being grown in the Le Puy region of France—are slightly different from regular lentils. The pricier gray-green Puy lentils are said to have a unique peppery flavor and, in George’s case, are often paired with smoked mackerel. (Yep, this preschool isn’t serving your typical cafeteria lunch.) But, like other lentils, they’re high in protein and fiber, and are a no-fat food.

The pricier gray-green lentils are said to have a unique peppery flavor and are often paired with smoked mackerel.

There’s no word on whether George is actually eating his lentils—even regal toddlers are capable of being picky!—but he alone could be making waves in the industry. In fact, merchants have already started to see some extra demand for the legume.

“It’s the ‘star effect’ whenever a VIP is associated with a product,” Antoine Wassner, of lentil distributor Sabarot, told France’s L’Express. “Right away we got a lot of requests from customers in Great Britain, especially from restaurateurs. The wholesalers are getting a lot of calls!”

At this rate, Prince George might make lentils the next cauliflower rice.

Here are seven meal-prep staples to stock up on—lentils included. And if you want to prep for the entire week in just 90 minutes, this is how it’s done.