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Photo: Stocksy/Natasa Mandic

Your go-to grain just got smaller. “Baby quinoa” is starting to sprout up on more grocery stores and shelves—and it has more fiber than the OG version.

The trend started popping up way back in 2013 with forward-thinking food companies like Purely Elizabeth experimenting with it. But now, it’s officially A Thing with more more brands popping up as well as established ones like Pereg adding it to their product line.

Also known as kaniwa, it’s similar in taste and makeup to quinoa—just, you know, smaller (about the size of a chia seed).

So, what is it? And how is it different than the quinoa you know and love? Also known as kaniwa, it’s similar in taste and makeup to quinoa—just, you know, smaller (about the size of a chia seed). But just because it’s smaller doesn’t mean it has less nutritional value. In fact, it’s a complete protein and is actually higher in iron.

Considering quinoa and its baby brother are both good-for-you grains, you’ll still be doing your body all sorts of good no matter which one you prefer. Consider it just another option to add to your healthy pantry shopping list (and your summer salad arsenal).

A great pairing with your kaniwa-based meal: healthy fats, of course. And to drink, sip on a spritz. It’s the cocktail of the season.