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New health insurance perk: free Apple Watches? Pin It
Photo: Apple

Prepare yourself to ship a brand-new healthy duo really hard: Aetna and Apple. And the health-insurance company’s customers may soon receive a fancy gadget from the tech titan in the form of an Apple Watch.

The provider’s employees automatically get the arm candy as part of the company’s wellness program, and according to CNBC, that sweet deal might be extended to its 23 million subscribers. (And no, unfortunately, you can’t trade the watch-phone-fitness tracker combo for, say, lower premiums if you’re more budget-minded than gaga-for-gadgets.)

The companies are negotiating a plan that would offer the watch at a discounted cost or totally free (!) as early as next year.

Aetna and Apple seem to be in the most preliminary of talks, but the chances of this deal actually becoming official seem promising: CNBC reports the companies are negotiating a plan that would offer the watch at a discounted cost or totally free (dreams do come true!) as early as next year.

And it makes sense, right? The healthier a provider’s members are, the less money the insurance company has to dish out on doctor’s visits and medical treatments. The only downside? Let’s just say when your employer (or in this case, your employer-provided insurer) gives you a watch…it’s probably time to kick your snooze button habit and start showing up on time.

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