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One thing the Mod fashions of the 1960s and psychedelic styles of the 1970s had in common was a serious affinity for color. That, coupled with a maximalist approach to combining hues, is part of what makes clothing from both eras so easy to identify.

Flash forward to 2018 (crazy, I know), and those retro-inspired looks are cropping up as activewear coated in candy-colored stripes. But this time these multicolored tops and bottoms are entirely updated for the 21st century with sweat-wicking performance fabrics, and seamless, clean designs. Consider this trend the perfect antidote to the grey winter blahs that might be setting in right about now.

Scroll below for 6 sweet, candy-striped activewear options.

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If you’re not sure that candy-colored activewear trend is for you, keep it super-simple with a pair of black leggings under $50 or go a little bit wild and try a minimalist onesie-slash-unitard.