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Photo: Flexi Lexi

Sure, you expect your fave fruits and veggies to fill up your grocery cart. But your shopping bag? It’s happening—playful food prints are the trend of the moment. (Well, that and healthy pool floats.)

From pineapple to watermelon, coconut to kale, the produce that’s usually in your smoothie is now covering T-shirts, swimsuits, leggings, and more. And even if you’re not Team Banana, the ultra-graphic prints are a cool upgrade to the usual floral/camo/paisley options.

So, why is everyone suddenly wearing their (fruit-shaped) heart on their sleeves? As with most food-related trends, the avo-love movement certainly has a lot to do with it. (Those vibrant yellow and green hues are just perfect for brightening things up.)

Just be warned: You might work up an appetite just by looking at yourself in the mirror.

Ready to take your love for healthy food to the next level? Here are 9 looks to get you started.

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