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J.Crew wants to dress you according to your horoscope

J.Crew horoscope shirt Pin It
Graphic: Abby Maker for Well+Good; Photo: J.Crew

If you can rattle off your sun sign, rising sign, and moon sign—or if you’ve muttered the words “Mercury retrograde” through gritted teeth during a derailed commute—then J.Crew has something for you.

The retailer’s latest capsule collection features a shirt for each sign of the zodiac. (Could these be the key to the near-impossible task of finding a date at the gym?) And each of the 12  horoscope tees cheekily plays on the typical traits of the wearer with the colors, embellishments, and catchy phrases.

There’s a millennial pink, long-sleeved shirt with “Vision Aries” emblazoned across the front to reflect the pioneering, energetic, and adventurous Aries spirit; a retro seascape scene for humanitarian, independent, and inventive Aquarians; and, of course, a bright-yellow tee adorned with embroidered toucans for the youthful and lively Geminis.

Find your sign below among J.Crew’s 12 new horoscope-inspired tees.

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Looking for the perfect occasion to don your new zodiac-sign tee? Good news there’s a total solar eclipse coming up—here are the 12 best places in the country to view it.