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The New Workout Jumpsuit—and How to Wear It

Jamie McKillop

Jamie McKillopApril 5, 2015

workout jumpsuits Get ready to embrace the jumpsuit. The one-piece wonder that chic women are wearing out to brunch or on a date is now breaking the fashion sweat barrier and leaping into fitness studios.

“Jumpsuits make for an easy workout outfit and are incredibly comfortable,” says fitness fashion trend-spotter Caroline Gogolak, the co-founder of Carbon 38.

Start by rocking one in a barre class, where Gogolak recommends pairing the jumpsuit with an over-sized t-shirt hanging off one shoulder and knotted to the side, for a chic ’80s look (yes, there is such a thing!).

“Women are often intimidated by them, however, they can be incredibly flattering and sexy when styled properly,” she says. And Gogolak means on all body types, not just gazelle-like glamazons at ModelFit.

“They have few seams,” she explains, “which is great for anyone who’s conscious of the dreaded muffin-top from leggings or capris.”

Click through for five stylish fitness jumpsuits to add to your spring workout wardrobe now. —Jamie McKillop

(Photo: Alala)


Alala 1 Alala Bondi Jumpsuit ($195)

(Photo: Carbon 38)


workout jumpsuits_kamali KamaliKulture Rectangle Jog Jumpsuit ($115)

(Photo: Norma Kamali)


Koral Koral Activewear Vector Jumpsuit ($137)

(Photo: Carbon 38)


Splits 59 Splits 59 Bianca Noir Jumpsuit ($145)

(Photo: Carbon 38)


Live The Process Live The Process Stretch-Jersey Jumpsuit ($245)

(Photo: Net-a-Porter)


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