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Photo: Instagram/@wearelively

Lively, the company behind the soft leisurée-style bras and bralettes, is somewhat of an internet darling, thanks to its cool-girl vibe, affordability, and size selection (I can personally attest to it being one of the only wireless options that work on D-plus women). And following the launch of its pastel-pink and chalky-blue activewear collection, “the Warby Parker of lingerie” is expanding again—with a new collection of chic maternity wear.

Lively maternity nursing bra
Photo: Lively

The term “nursing bra” doesn’t exactly instill confidence in terms of comfort and design (lets be real, even non-nursing bras can feel like humorless contraptions), but Lively is changing that. The new line looks exactly like its evergreen collection (with understated flourishes like sheer panels and a streamlined silhouette), except with some added features—namely, clip-on cups, a necessary functionality for nursing moms.

The collection includes a bralette ($35) and a bodysuit ($45) designed with lots of elastic and adjustability, since your body (like your skin) changes once you’ve brought new life into the world. But your sense of style sure doesn’t have to.

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