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Understated jewelry you can wear 24/7 Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@catbirdnyc

The problem with fine jewelry, at least for me, is that heart-sinking panic that comes with realizing you may have left your new ring at the Pilates studio. Because after spending a pretty penny on a pretty piece, misplacing it is hardly what you want. And yet, it happens when said ring is too obtrusive for the sweat sesh you’re dominating, and you’re left with no choice but to remove it (and, unfortunately, lose it). This is how I learned the importance of picking fine jewelry that mixes fashion and function. The right bauble can work as a veritable third piece to your athletic getup.

In 2018, understated accessories are essentially the chic French girls of your jewelry collection—delicate and practical, but with an air of je ne sais quois elegance. Here are 12 pieces you don’t have to take off before you sweat or sleep.

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