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Photo: Instagram/@madonna

Madonna’s never been known to be, well, quite like anyone else. The outspoken music megastar—who’s been releasing pop hits since 1983 and still has an enviable fitness game at age 58—has always danced (and flexed) to the beat of her own drum, so to speak.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that the pop star and style icon has a bathing routine that’s all her own. In a recent Instagram post, Madonna posted a bath-time video—and it looked like she was chilling in a salad bowl (with water).


Of course, the green populating her bath was basil—an anti-inflammatory ingredient known for fighting stress and muscle pain, and considered a powerful adaptogen in Ayurveda. So it’s not just for spicing up your vegan pizza.

Next time you draw water for a relaxing soak, try sprinkling some of the multitasking herb to the water for a full-body treatment (and perhaps sipping on a glass of rosé a la Madonna for an added level of R&R). Coachella who?

Here’s how to upgrade your bath into a dreamy, revitalizing ritual. And did you know that taking it may be just as good for you as working out?