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7 pairs of heavily discounted leggings at P.E Nation *right now*

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Photo: Instagram/@p.e.nation

The days following major holidays tend to be the best for getting your shopping done. Black Friday is, of course, prime time for this sort of action, but on the days following Christmas, so many goodies (including activewear) get hit with reduction as well.

So, I perused the internet for the best sale options, and it seems a slew of heavily discounted leggings from activewear brand P.E Nation is offering the best bang for your buck. The company, which hails from the wellness– (and avocado-) obsessed land of Australia, has been a rising star in the fitness-fashion scene thanks to its matching sets, retro-futuristic logos, and chic color blocking.

Many of the discounted duds I’ve found are running low on size options, so shop while you can.

Skim through the discounted leggings below.

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